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AM2302 Humicap digital temperature and humidity module is a digital output signal containing a calibrated temperature and humidity combined sensor. It uses dedicated digital modules capture technology and the temperature and humidity sensor technology to ensure that products with high reliability and excellent long-term stability. A sensor includes a capacitive humidity sensing element and a high-precision temperature measurement devices, and with a high-performance 8-bit microcontroller connected. Therefore, the product has excellent quality, fast response, anti-interference ability, high cost and other advantages. Ultra-small size, low power consumption, signal transmission distance up to 20 meters. Making it the best choice for all kinds of applications and even the most demanding applications.

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HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning), dehumidifiers, testing and inspection equipment, consumer goods, automotive, automation, data loggers, home appliances, humidity regulator, medical, weather stations, and other related humidity detection control.


Dimension: 40 x 23mm
Weight: 4g
Voltage: 5V
Port: digital two-way single bus
Temperature range: -40-80 °C ± 0.5 °C
Humidity: 20-90% RH ± 2% RH
Platform: Arduino, SCM

Package included:

1 x Sensor Module


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