24 In 1 Sensor Module Board Kit For Arduino


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Plastic bag package only.
24 in 1 sensor kit for Arduino UNO R3, this kit includes temperature sensors, rotary encoders, high sensitivity microphones commonly used in Arduino study, each module has a good weld, can be directly connected to form a system in the Arduino control board, make some interactive works. Several modules can be connected together to make out the effect will be more satisfactory.

Package included:

1 x 3W LED module
1 x 5V relay module
1 x 1307 clock module
1 x Button switch module
1 x Obstacle avoidance sensor
1 x High sensitivity microphone
1 x Photoresistor module
1 x Infrared emission
1 x IR receiver module
1 x Flame sensor module
1 x Laser sensor head module
1 x Metal touch module
1 x Mini reed module
1 x Magic light cup
1 x Knock sensor
1 x Tilt switch
1 x 3 color led module
1 x Temperature sensor
1 x Temperature and humidity sensors
1 x Passive buzzer
1 x Linear Hall sensor
1 x The rotary encoder
1 x Hunt sensor
1 x Active buzzer



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