Latest and Updated Version of Analog Multimeter For Electronicslovers


Features : 

This Multimeter is an accurate, safe, battery operated, rear tilt-stand, easy to operate handheld instrument with robust protective holster alongside and the adjustable back tilt device with hook-up design.

It can offer accurate, reliable measurement of DC/AC Voltage, +/-DCV, DC Current, Resistance and Diode, LED, Transistor, Decibels, Continuity test and Capacitance with very high sensitive quality movement, double-sided glass-epoxy PCB & good-designed circuit, as well as mirrored Aluminum dial plate etc.

It has the perfect full overload & mis-used protection via two Fuses, Oxide Varactor & Diodes. It is an ideal instrument for indoor use in the laboratory, school, workshop, hobby and home applications.

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Specification : 

Application : Measure DC / AC voltage, +/- DC voltage, DC current, resistance and diode, LED, transistor, decibels, continuity test and capacitance
Max. Display : 2000
DC Voltage : 0.1 / 2.5 / 10 / 50 / 250V +/- 3.0%FSD, 1000V +/- 4.0%FSD
AC Voltage : 10 / 50 / 250V +/- 4.0%FSD, 1000V +/- 5.0%FSD
DC Current : 50u / 2.5m / 25m / 250mA +/- 3.0%FSD, 10A +/- 4.0%FSD
Resistance : x 1 (0.2~2k) / x 10(2~20k)/ x 100(20~200k) / x 1k(200~2M) / x10k(2k~20M) +/- 4.0%ARC ohm
Capacitance : C1 (R x 1k) 2000uF
Power Supply : 2 x AA batteries (1.5V) + 1 x NEDA 1604 / 6F22 9V battery (included)

Other Data : 

Complied with 2008 CE safety standard; Double-sided glass epoxy PCB; Mirrored aluminum dial plate; 20k/V DC & 9,k/V AC input sensitivity;
Overload and mis-used protection; Adjustable back tilt device with hook-up design; Robust protective holster alongside; Resistance, Current & Voltage measurements; 10 Amp DC Range, Transistor hFE Test;
Continuity Buzzer and Battery Test; Test leads, batteries, fuse and users manual included; Ideal for using in the fields of lab, school, home applications and more.

Package included :

1 x Pro’skit MT-2017 Analog Multimeter
2 x Test leads (95cm-cable)
1 x 9V battery
2 x 1.5V AA batteries
1 x English user manual


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