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This super learning kit is suitable for Arduino enthusiasts. This kit includes 32 projects with detailed tutorials, starting from the basics to more complex projects. Different from other kits, it adds some functional modules, such as RFID, temperature and humidity module. There is connection diagram and code for each project, making it easy for you to learn.

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Kit list

UNO R3 board *1  

LED – Blue *5
LED – Red *5
LED – Yellow *5
LED – RGB *1
220 Ω resistor *8
10K Ω resistor *5
1K Ω resistor *5
10K Ω Pot *1
Buzzer (active) *1
Buzzer (passive) *1
Large button switch *4
Ball tilt sensor *2
Photo Resistor *3
Flame sensor *1
1x LM35 Temp Sensor *1
IC 74HC595N 16-pin DIP *1
7-seg LED 1x module *1
7-seg LED 4x module *1
8*8 LED Matrix *1
2×16 LCD display *1
IR receiver *1
IR remote control *1
Servo Motor *1
Stepper driver module *1
Stepper Motor *1
Joystick module *1
Relay module *1
PIR Motion Sensor *1
Analog MQ-2 Gas Sensor *1
ADXL345 Three Axis Acceleration Module *1
HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor *1
DS3231 Clock Module *1
DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor *1
Soil humidity sensor *1
rc522 RFID module *1
RFID card *1
RFID key *1
Pin headers *40
830-hole Breadboard *1
Dupont connector wires *10
Jumper Wire *30
6-cell AA Battery pack *1

USB cable *1

Project list:

1: Hello World
2: LED blinking
3: PWM
4: Traffic light
5: LED chasing effect
6: Button-controlled LED
7: Active buzzer
8: Passive buzzer
10: Photo resistor
11: Flame sensor
12: LM35 temperature sensor
13: Tilt switch
14: IR remote control
15: Analog value reading
16: 74HC595
17: 1-digit LED segment display
18: 4-digit LED segment display
19: 8*8 LED matrix
20: 1602 LCD
21: 9g servo control
22: Stepper Motor
23: PIR Motion Sensor
24: Analog MQ-2 Gas Sensor
25: ADXL345 Three Axis Acceleration Module
26: HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
27: Joystick Module
28: 5V Relay Module
29: DS3231 Clock Module
30: DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor
31: Soil Humidity Sensor
32: RC522 RFID module
before package arrival, You will also get a User Manual in PDF format along with your Invoice. 

Download the code libraries of all projects


5 reviews for Super Starter kit/Learning Kit(UNO R3) for Arduino Education with 32 Projects +User Manual+ RFID 1602+PDF (online) | Hot offer 🔥

  1. Simon


    Today i received my Product in good condition and i am very happy, i will start working on projects tomorrow thank you electronicslovers.

  2. rumensat

    A complete Package i will recommend this Wonderful kit to All Students and Hobbyists

  3. artsrone


    All match the description. Works. For information-at the time. Modules will be ordering more from this store. Recommend. Satisfied with the purchase.

  4. George


    Shipping was 19 days. Box sympathetic wrinkled. The plastic container without a damage. Arduin and other sensors are packed separately. Packing Inside excellent. The container is also sealed film. Configuration and performance have not tested. After checking will add a review. At this stage is 5 stars. Instruction (lessons) in English, read not necessarily all understood from the pictures.

  5. artsronek


    All match the description. Works. For information at the time. Recommend. Satisfied with the purchase.

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